Yes, it is a play on words, but to us it really is all about the ‘Attention’ and the ‘Detail’. Take our friendly and knowledgeable advice, our clear, honest communication style and our excellent & highly experienced project management skills and you’ll see we have lots to offer. And it goes without saying that we’re cost conscious too! From flat print posters through to full 3 dimensional in-store theatre campaigns across multiple retailers, we’ve got it covered. If you want flashing lights or holograms, we’ve got that covered too!

Whether it’s a full point of sale campaign or 100 posters, our clients receive the same honest, friendly approach to project management that Attention 2 Detail are famous for.

We know brands, we know retail and we know what ‘works’ at retail, so not only can we print what you want printed, we can also ensure it gets utilised! After all what’s the point in creating a fabulous display unit, if no one can put it up in store?!

Our clients say we are passionate, reliable, exceptionally experienced and friendly and fun to work with! We’ve even been told we’re too honest, but we don’t believe there’s any such thing! Have a read through our testimonials for other people’s thoughts on us - please see Testimonials on the CLIENTS tab.

Basically if it can be printed, we can print it……

Please see our GALLERY for images of merchandise we have produced. For details of our Merchandising experience, please click on the MERCHANDISE tab.

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