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Innovative, exciting and a bit different… One of the most creative and imaginative children’s computer game releases of the year. This was a Point of Sale suite that we could have a lot of fun with! Working with great creative visuals from the design team, we brought their ideas to life by tapping into both our extensive knowledge of the retail marketplace and our structural expertise, to create a suite of point of sale that was not only impactful, but was also functional, structurally sound and easy to assemble in store. The ‘Swappable’ tag line of the game clearly leant itself to more innovative Point of Sale than the norm. A regular standee and FSDU simply wouldn’t have done this game justice. The Swap Force campaign was all about delivering innovation and helping consumers to understand the ‘SWAP’ character concept. We developed each of these POS displays with an internal rotating mechanism to provide an interactive element which then clearly demonstrated the SWAP ability of each character. Developed, produced, kitted and delivered across the whole of UK retail for launch day.
An interactive, fun and engaging range of POS, for one of the most creative and imaginative children’s computer game releases of the year. Developed, produced, kitted and delivered across the whole of UK retail for launch day.
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Skylanders SWAP Force
Innovation… Security… Impact… These were the key elements for the ‘Reveal’ of one of the most highly anticipated computer game launches of 2014! Attention 2 Detail were proud to be entrusted with managing and co-ordinating the production of the entire Destiny Pre-Order Point of Sale suite, under the strictest of security embargo conditions, to ensure there was no opportunity for any leaks of artwork or game content prior to the eagerly awaited press announcement. In the gaming industry it is very hard to keep new game details highly secure and leaks are very common. We are proud to say that our security process was proved to be completely watertight and the Destiny ‘reveal’ was not only a triumph of design, but was also kept completely under wraps until the pre-arranged announcement day….. a success for all..
Destiny Pre-Order POS Campaign delivered with 100% confidentiality under the strictest of security embargo conditions.
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Goody bags are a bit of a speciality for us… From glossy bags for computer game launches and prestigious red carpet events, to breathable children’s activity bags. We print the bags, source and brand the contents, and deliver complete, filled, ‘ready for launch’ bags direct to party, store, or venue – on time and in budget. All you need do is lay on the event!! Call of Duty Ghosts – 50k laminated bags and contents sourced, sampled, produced, fulfilled and delivered within very short timescales. Bananas in Pyjamas – 3500 cotton goody bags for National Sleepover Day. Bags and all contents were safety tested for children under 3. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien – 10k CE compliant goody bags containing a range of glow in the dark branded merchandise.
Inspirational ideas for filled promotional goody bags, any size, any type, any shape….
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Promo Goody Bags
Colour management at its best… Over 32,000 T-shirts in 7 different colours, using 7 different types of artwork, all made up from 4 colour process plus 5 spot colours – WOW! Using our extensive experience of the print processes available for T-shirt printing and the considerable expertise of our garment supplier, we identified that this artwork would require additional spot colours to replicate all the fine details in the best possible way. Skin tones are notoriously difficult to replicate on fabrics, but a sequence of wet proofs were produced and artwork and print process adjustments made to ensure maximum quality production for each artwork. Our supplier even won the ‘Textile Printer of the Year’ award at the FESPA awards for the work!
Marvel vs Capcom
Special Limited Edition Collector’s Packs for the exciting launch of Resident Evil 6, sourced through our Far East & European partners. A great success… and a delighted client. • 30,060 Premium ‘Bespoke’ Hooded Sweatshirts From ‘idea to delivery’ within 10 weeks… The hoody was produced entirely to order, including the dyeing of the fabric, a specific type of eyelet, pantone matched neck strings, bespoke neck labelling & origami packing. • 30,075 Limited Edition Badge Packs The plaque required 3 x enamel badges to be manufactured to comply with Sony testing specifications and inserted between acrylic plates with a stand to the reverse. These limited edition plaques were signed by the RE6 developers and featured unique numbering codes on the reverse to increase collectability and value.
Over 30,000 x Premium ‘Bespoke’ Hooded Sweatshirts and Limited Edition Badge Packs, created, sourced and produced from idea to delivery within tight deadlines
Bespoke Merchandise, International Sourcing
Resident Evil 6
178,550 bullet style USBs created using a completely bespoke design. Working hand in hand with our most trusted multi-media supplier we created a mould for a bullet (using images taken from the game), we had pre-production samples of different colours and finishes flown in for approval. Each country wanted different content uploaded across different computer game formats – Xbox 360 and PS3, and the USBs were ultimately manufactured in two different golds and one silver version. This one required our special individual attention and so Jo travelled to the Far East to make sure the process all ran smoothly and on time! The only snag? Getting Jo back through customs with a bullet sample in her bag! The good news was that THQ loved them so much that the American and Australian territories jumped on board too!
Merchandise, USBs
Saints Row 2
Procurement and delivery of the launch Point of Sale campaign and merchandise material for one of the UK’s biggest Gaming launches. Liaising between Activision, design team, printer and fulfilment house to produce exactly what Activision wanted, when they wanted it! Complete campaign management from artwork to delivery. • 1.1 million items produced in 8 week period – Print, Point of Sale and Merchandise. • 53 individual Ghost related jobs procured, managed and delivered on time to specific retailer specifications – see scrolling images for just a selection of the items printed. • 50k goody bags and contents brainstormed, sourced, produced, fulfilled and delivered to stores for midnight openings. “You are completely and utterly the best agency in the world!! Love you guys so much” Senior Brand Manager and Trade Marketing on Call of Duty
Large print volumes and specific retailer requirements requiring excellent, highly efficient project management.
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Call of Duty: Ghosts
Bringing the festive spirit and a seasonal ‘WOW’ factor to a range of in-store POS materials, which would showcase a range of children’s video game titles as a Christmas gift purchase. Stores are very busy at this time, with shoppers and POS and so in-store standout was key! In collaboration with the design team and the client, we developed a range of POS items with some added Christmas sparkle. The combination of great 3D cardboard engineering, LED lights and a length of festive tinsel brought glitz and glamour to the Point of Sale. “These look amazing, fabulous! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see it in store, thanks so much for all your help” Trade Marketing Manager, Activision
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Christmas Gift POS
The challenge was to increase the awareness of the Brothers brand in wholesale following their extensive re-brand. We recommended a pallet wrap that would not only look great, but would provide the flexibility to easily ‘wrap’ around single or double pallets and be small enough to fit into the sales teams’ cars so that they could easily carry and transport around the country. A highly visible, flexible and portable corrugated pallet wrap solution, the product was supplied on small, lightweight rolls, which can be cut to any size, are easy to carry and fit snugly into any space in a car. Clever branding for Brothers. Both client and wholesaler very happy, what more could we ask?!
Warner Bros
A one-off Easter pallet display mock up complete with overhanging balloons, as a temporary unit for a Tesco store trial. Naturally the display POS was to comply fully with Tesco’s stringent Health and Safety guidelines. We were supplied with a great visual from the client, showing their ideal requirements for an impactful Easter pallet wrap for a forthcoming store trial. Translating from a visual to reality can sometimes be a challenge, but this Easter promotion not only looked great at pallet height but also had fantastic visibility around the store to highlight the promotion, due to height of the balloon section. Structurally it provided a few challenges due to required height for the balloons, but we are not daunted easily and know that a one-off may require as much attention and experience as a full, multi part campaign. A great solution.
Cardboard Engineering, Print
Easter Pallet Wrap